How Reiki Can Help You?

 Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Perhaps without a direction in life or a meaningful purpose? Are you looking for a deep relaxation ? Are you struggling to have clarity of mind so you can find a solution to a striking problem that you are facing?

 Then Reiki  might be what you are searching for. During a treatment, Reiki which is an intelligent force, reaches at the core of any particular situation without the conscious direction of the practitioner.

Reiki is effective because it will reach at the level of your core being and taps into your divine potential to live a life filled with love, joy and success. Reiki helps to restore your balance. 

But What is Reiki?

Reiki is an effective system of relaxation, healing and spiritual growth. It is simple, effective and provides tangible results. 

  Reiki is usually practised as hands-on healing where the practitioner channels the energy of Reiki to flow into themselves and another person, in a one-way system. With astonishing results, Reiki healing can be performed at distance as well and the recipient can be located anywhere in the world, at any relative distance away from the practitioner.

And What Will Happen to You During A Reiki Treatment?

All you have to day is to lay down on a treatment couch or a chair (if you so prefer), try to relax with your eyes closed, listen to the relaxing music and indulge into your senses. 

The practitioner with your permission, will gentle lay the hands in particular areas and share Reiki with you. 

You might fall asleep and wake up at the end of session fully re-freshed and relaxed.

What to Expect from My Side as a Reiki Practitioner?  

A fully qualified Reiki practitioner member of UK Reiki Federation and also part of the team of Reiki Medic-Care that offers Reiki treatment for free to medical staff.

Please see below web links to research studies that will provide more information regarding the efficiency of Reiki in aiding in the healing process of different ailments.

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